Saturday, August 30, 2008


Saturday night on Craigslist.


Seriously though, I'm disappointed to come across a job-posting for an intern with Blatt Publishing in Berlin. After resigning myself to a job teaching English or working in a caffe - don't get me wrong, both have their perks, and hell any job will do - I now come across something I'd love to do.
I knew I recognized the name too, and it took a moment to realize why : Wolf At The Door, a fucking twisted novel Negin picked up in Prague.
It's not actually published by Blatt, rather by Twisted Spoon, but he writes for the magazine and they just published a collection of his poems in book form. This intern job would be sweet simply for the opportunity to meet him.

The problem? Starts in September, and I just bought an October 4th plane ticket.

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