Sunday, November 30, 2008

the Smell of Cologne..

Just back from a three day trip to Cologne/Koln. 'Twas a nice reunion of sorts, Mike&Tania from Germany hosted us and Brian from Ireland ... we all lived in Vancouver last year and it was nice to see a few familiar faces over here.
After a crazy barhopping night out the first night, we all went to see Gogol Bordello again. Made for an exhausting three nights in conjunction with the night before we left Berlin, when we had a Spanish language dinner and late-night jam session at Zach's.
Here, I'm still job hunting and getting discouraged, but generally that's when things pick up in my past so ... here's hoping.
I've started playing around the city a bit as a drummer for Katinka, which pays a bit, and gives me something to do for NY's.
In case you're wondering, there was nothing significant in the smell of Cologne...

Friday, November 14, 2008

The Dane

Puppy Pics of Harvey, who's arrival I just missed by a week when I left Ontario in October.
I'm told he eats asphalt, mistaking it for kibble. He's a-gonna be huge.

Monday, November 10, 2008


Dark Days is a documentary from about 8 years ago. I just got around to watching it late last night. Still fascinating and relevant. Marc Singer, the guy who made it, had never made a film before and was actually living in the tunnels with the other characters.
All the music is by DJ Shadow and Uncle. Apparently, they edited the film using his music, and then realised they would need permission. Shadow is notoriously against others using his material so the filmmakers came up with a scheme to have 'an attractive female friend who would go backstage after a show and personally hand-deliver' a letter. Still, after setting up a meeting, he was totally prepared to say no, until he saw some clips from the film.
Watch it, intense, difficult, beautiful, dark, watch it.

Earlier, we found a small jazz and crepe bar by the river with a film room in the back. We watched Mon Oncle and a very strange black-and-white puppet movie, I guess what passes for horror film in ye olde days. Film filled Sunday!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

elexxions - continued

Well, my foresight is rarely so shrewd in these matters; however, almost two years to the day that I made this livejournal posting, I actually get to say ....

Told Ya So...

Well, actually I was wrong when I said Barack Obama might not have the experience to get elected.

But so it goes, good work foreign country!