Sunday, November 30, 2008

the Smell of Cologne..

Just back from a three day trip to Cologne/Koln. 'Twas a nice reunion of sorts, Mike&Tania from Germany hosted us and Brian from Ireland ... we all lived in Vancouver last year and it was nice to see a few familiar faces over here.
After a crazy barhopping night out the first night, we all went to see Gogol Bordello again. Made for an exhausting three nights in conjunction with the night before we left Berlin, when we had a Spanish language dinner and late-night jam session at Zach's.
Here, I'm still job hunting and getting discouraged, but generally that's when things pick up in my past so ... here's hoping.
I've started playing around the city a bit as a drummer for Katinka, which pays a bit, and gives me something to do for NY's.
In case you're wondering, there was nothing significant in the smell of Cologne...

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