Tuesday, January 13, 2009

2009, and onwards

SO! ... Happy New Years, says the man on the 14th.

After a low-key Christmas with a group of Americans and Colombians, I spent New Years playing three different shows at two venues in Prenzlauer Berg. The first, at Zu Mia Oder Zu Dia, was a bust due to a lack of items for me to hit. The next two, both at Intersoup, were much more succesful. The first set consisted of originals while the second was mostly covers (which we rehearsed once, in a flat, with a blanket over the drumset) and a few of our own that were left-out in the first set.

Between the two sets, my four couchsurfers showed up with a gift of cake for me. Part of the reason I waited to write about the night was that I had to wait for Julien to email me my only memento of the evening.

Et .... voila:

My guess is this photo was taken around 4 am. We wound up playing until roughly 5:30, and a few friends came by around 6. All in all, the night went to day and I came in from the cold at 9:30. To the best of my knowledge, that's the latest I've ever partied on NY's. What's next after the party's done? Perhaps at my age, I get the best of both worlds, because I wasn't tired, yet had no problem surrendering to sobriety.

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