Monday, August 3, 2009

Summer Break (the eternal chaos)

Spent about a month now with the latest Sonic Youth album, The Eternal, in my life. Came during a brief respite from chaos, decided to stick around.

Seems there's plenty of accolades floating around for this album. I'll stretch the bandwagon and call it my favorite yet of all their records. I'm certain there are plenty of hardcores out there who will hate me for that - surely that should go to something like Daydream Nation or Goo !!! - but fuck it, I love it, and in an effort to go further in depth with that sentiment, and take it out of the realm of every other blog post, here's a point-form, stream-of-conscience evaluation of it, track by track:

1. Sacred Trickster - stumbling, dizzy, grinding, listless
2. Anti-Orgasm - smooth, descending, intentional, subversive, !orgasmic!
3. Leaky Lifeboat - sparkling, confident, insistent
4. Antenna - spacecrafts, comfort, unease, hope
5. What We Know - swinging, shuffling, bustling, bouncing
6. Calming the Snake - walking, crawling, running, fading, boiling, overheating
7. Poison Arrow -dirty groove, stabbing, rolling, sweet
8. Malibu Gas Station - dreamy, impulsive, inspired
9. Thunderclap For Bobby Pyn - harmonic.morepunkthanpunk.fuckyou.bestsong.morecowbell.
10. No Way - high, classic, more sweetness
11. Walkin Blue - funky, under construction, introspective
12. Massage the History - nostalgic, melodic, sexy, floating, familiar
13. Pay No Mind - oh, a bonus cover of my favorite Beck song? you don't say .. !Holy Fuck!
14. No Garage - go, goodbye

cum on' down, down to the river, cum on' down, i wanna feel you shiver

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