Saturday, September 11, 2010

They Live

Continuing on my fascination quest with the city of Detroit, today I found an interesting 3-part mini-documentary on the new directions the city is moving in. Narrated by Johnny Knoxville (of Jackass fame) and hosted on the Palladium Blog (whatever that is, they apparently have other exploration videos I'll have to take a look at) there's some inspiring stuff within. I particularly enjoyed parts one and three; part two, which focuses heavily on the city's legendary musical output over the years, is bogged down by one of the two co-hosts, a rather annoying guitarist from some band.

My personal highlights are Larry Mongo, the dude in the pink shirt in part one ("About 5 years ago, I saw white women runnin' down the road. Used to be, you saw white women runnin', you wondered 'Who's chasin' 'em?' But then I realized, they joggin'...") and the art houses in part three.

And consider yourself warned, hipsters abound.

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