Saturday, September 6, 2008


My lovely turtle ('zelva') tattoo, I had imprinted a few days before my 26th birthday. This was in Praha, Czech Republic.

Earlier this week, cruising down Kerr with Erix, we ran into old man Jenkins at a stop light.

Yesterday, Jenkins met a girl at his climbing gym, and, being recently single, made plans to hangout with her.

Tonight, I went drinking with him and later we went out to chill with this girl, Kim, in Hamilton.

Over the course of the evening, we start talking tattoos. This one is hidden under my shirt, but I explain my wrist tattoo, and she explains hers (christian origins). But after explaining the meaning, she tells me that she travelled all the way to Prague just to get it, from the most respected female tattoo artist in the world.

"What tattoo parlour?" I ask. Of course, Tribo, from a girl with blond dreads ..... sounds familiar.

So now I have a great story to go with this one. Everything happens for a purpose?

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