Wednesday, October 1, 2008

It's on ..

I am now certified - but in a good way - to trade labour for cash, in a foreign country.

(no matter how I right labour/labor, it does not look write)

Of course, the incubation of Oakville has given me far too much time towards introspection, my neurotic nature shifts the burden of a visa straight over to jobs when I get there.

But I've been writing much more recently and am trying to build up some momentum to get freelancing going once there. Not sure how to go about setting this up though. And, severely looking forward to starting something up musically overseas. That might pay.

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Saraline said...

It helps to have connections when freelancing. You can say in your proposal letter that so-and-so who has written for the publication in the past referred you to them. So I suggest networking.