Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fibonacci & Hacking gReader

Just a quick couple of items of interest, both taken from lj-friends page:

The Use of Fibonacci Sequence in Tool's Lateralus:

What a great way of explaining this usage to the common reader (like humble ol'd me's). It is a great song too, has a couple of my favorite Maynard lyrics contained within:
"Push the envelope, watch it bend" -> I love lyrics that riff on tired old cliches and put them in a new perspective.
"Overthinking, overanalyzing" -> Even in a song so meticulously constructed, Maynard and Tool can't resist a tongue-in-cheek roast of themselves; their humour is one thing that keeps consistently above the rest of the prog/metal crowd.
I remember hearing an interview with Danny Carey a few years back where he talked about 46 & 2 using the sequence, but can't remember much about that. I'll have to look it up when I have more time.

Thanks to Veleda for that, and to Apollo ("FrozenTruth" on lj) for supplying me with a link to this 3rd party app that translates LiveJournal friends entries (including friends-only posts) into your Google Reader. I searched for something like this back when I set my Reader up and came up empty handed. So I can now save myself the trips to lj's site (they are, after all, slightly proprietary, though not quite as evil as, say, Microsoft) yet keep up with the few friends who still post reading-worthy entries there.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Ich Bin Ein Berliner

I'd forgotten the small things that make this city enjoyable, lovable, and oh-so-delicious:

-Chocolate-Banana-Yogurt cereal
-Drinking beer on the subway w/out looking over my shoulder
-Feeling desperate, homeless and broke

Oh, scratch that. I'll write more when settled and not on a wifi connexion that drops every few mintues.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

It's on ..

I am now certified - but in a good way - to trade labour for cash, in a foreign country.

(no matter how I right labour/labor, it does not look write)

Of course, the incubation of Oakville has given me far too much time towards introspection, my neurotic nature shifts the burden of a visa straight over to jobs when I get there.

But I've been writing much more recently and am trying to build up some momentum to get freelancing going once there. Not sure how to go about setting this up though. And, severely looking forward to starting something up musically overseas. That might pay.