Sunday, February 1, 2009

February Ritual

February for me means my third time around participating in the Roll of 28 project, a photography community on LiveJournal. I haven't actually been on LiveJournal except for this group since June 2007, and since October I've been channeling my friends list through GoogleReader on my homepage ... so this is the only reason I have to visit LJ these days (I heard they were taken over by the Russian Mafia anyway ...?)

The basic idea here is to submit one picture every day throughout the month of February - so in reality last year became a roll of 29. Although I try not to dictate any kind of theme or pattern I do find myself straining for a variety of shots, composition, colours and subjects; this, I suppose, is the point, to get one out of their photographic comfort zone. And basically, to motivate regular snapping.

I think that projects like this have become increasingly common in the age of Flickr, with concepts like Project 365, or numerous individual works - for example my friend Euvie has been doing self-portraits for almost a year in her Euvie-A-Day series. I suppose this is my own little take on it, and look forward to the future and having a little snapshot of each year of my life, where I was, who I knew, etc ...

Speaking of Flickr, I keep all my Roll of 28 shots grouped under one set on my own page. Check it out in the month to come.

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